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Daycare &
Day Training

Currently accepting applications for enrollment.

​​Our Day Training programs offers the best combination of structured foundational skill building, combined with socialization. 

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Our handling reinforces behaviors learned in the Day Training program and includes daily recall practice, group sits, wait at doorways, hand targeting, training games, and obstacle work.


Rather than leave your dog home alone, you'll feel secure dropping them off for a fun day with friends. Dogs are grouped according to size and play style. Chaperones facilitate play, offer group training, rotate toys, supply clean water, and give the best overall body rubs!


We plan each day to ensure your dog's delight and diversion - the utmost fun in a safe environment. 


 The best way to ensure low stress, high compatibility between dogs is through consistency. For this reason we require a two day per week commitment and regular attendance. This ensures a spot for your dog with their regular play group, the relationship between the staff and your dog will grow, and your dog will look forward to drop-off at their second home.

Crate training is recommended. We enjoy a quiet time after lunch each day. Crates are made cozy and comfortably bedded. Crate training ensures each dog has a safe space to doze or eat lunch.


Up to date on the following vaccinations and health conditions:

  • (DHLPP) Distemper, hepatitis, lepto, parainfluenza, and           parvovirus

  • Bordatella

  • Rabies

  • Negative Fecal including Giardia

All vaccinations must have been given at least seven (7) days prior to arrival. Veterinary titers (except state required rabies vax) dated within one year are acceptable proof of vaccination.

Temperment & Suitability

Daycare is not for all dogs. To ensure safety, each dog must pass a temperament and behavioral assessment, and then maintain or improve upon their baseline throughout their enrollment. Dogs displaying  separation anxiety, aggression, bullying, excessive barking; or those those medical problems such as epilepsy, are not suitable candidates.


Behavior is not static.  It's natural for some dogs to 'date out' of daycare as they become socially mature. This is often a normal consequence of a dog's innate temperament and hereditable traits. We reserve the right to dismiss any dog without notice if their behavior becomes unsafe or unmanageable. If appropriate, we will help you address behavioral issues through training and management. 

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