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Caroline Edgar

Owner & Trainer

Caroline grew up on a small Vermont gentleman's farm where she bottle fed lambs, tended the chickens and rode bareback for miles on old logging roads. Her early love of horses morphed into an equine profession, teaching horseback riding and training young sport horses in Southern Vermont and Eastern Pennsylvania.

​In the late '90s, Caroline began experimenting with mark and reward training (a.k.a. clicker training). Having spent years in the traditional horse training world, she was thrilled to find a humane method based on the science of how animals learn. Mark and reward training is intrinsically reinforcing. The method builds trust and understanding between both the teacher and learner.

Caroline attended the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior where she graduated with distinction in 2009. She is dedicated to the welfare of all animals and enjoys being part of the unique bonds that develop between people and their pets. Caroline has a special interest in early learning and socialization; believing as caregivers we are responsible for preparing our animals for a lifetime spent with people.

Grateful Dog Training, Inc. was opened with the intent to provide exceptional training and care for pet dogs and their owners, and is lovingly dedicated in the memory of Stella, the Australian Cattle Dog who helped inspire Caroline's quest for aversive free training.

Caroline Edgar
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