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Cassidy Albert

Lead Trainer

Cassidy is a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She is passionate about helping dogs who are struggling to live in harmony with people. Cassidy has extensive experience working with and rehabilitating dogs with aggression and reactivity toward humans and other animals. Cassidy's program, Last Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation (R&R), focuses on giving dog's their last chance.

Cassidy is dedicated to science and evidence informed training. She is passionate about continuing education and attends many conferences, workshops and seminars led by industry leaders.

Cassidy's primary focus is on dogs, but she has experience working with many species. She believes good positive reinforcement training is applicable across species.

When not at The Grateful Dog, Cassidy is always busy with her own 4 dogs, an R&R dog or two, and Board and Train pups.

Cassidy Albert
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