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Leta Diethelm

Daycare Manager; Assistant Trainer

A North Carolina native, Leta is a 2020 graduate of the College of Atlantic in Maine where she studied a mix of agriculture and art. Her introduction to animal care came during her work-study program at the college’s livestock farm, tending to sheep, cows, and chickens.

Since starting with the Grateful Dog in January, 2021, Leta has taken to dog training like a Labrador takes to the water. Training quickly became Leta’s favorite part of being the Day Care Manager and she loves assessing a dog’s body language to learn about each animal’s personality. Leta is a problem solver by nature. Using the clicker and positive reinforcement to shape a dog’s behavior and lead them to do something fun and novel, like riding on a kayak, is what makes the job dynamic and interesting to her.

Leta earned her Certified Professional Dog Trainer’s license in 2022 and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and skills to someday foster rescue dogs and master sheepdog training.

Leta Diethelm
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