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Training options for dogs of every age and stage of development.

Mark and Reward training is intrinsically reinforcing. And it's important to remember, reinforcement is defined by the learner. Some dogs will work for food, while others will be more motivated by their environment, play, or affection.


Our method builds trust and understanding between  teacher and learner.

Always set your dog up for success by managing the environment and keeping motivation high!

Why We're Different

Grateful Dog Training is a small business that strives for excellence in all we do. We make the most of our training programs by utilizing a variety of coaching and training methods.


Most of our programs are hybrid which include a combination of private lessons, group classes and professional handling sessions. We back that all up with online support and learning. Each program is unique and space is limited. 

Are We a Match?

When screening potential dog/handler teams, we're looking for motivated clientele who take responsibility for the quality of relationship they have with their dog, and understand the role that their skill plays in their dog's training success. It's a team effort! Unfortunately we cannot help all dog/handler teams due to time, skill, or program availability. If we refer you to another qualified trainer please understand this is in your best interest based on our current abilities. There are no bad dogs, but not all dogs are a good fit for our programs. 

Board & Train

Our signature program and the best option for dogs that need close management

and supervision.

Canine Classroom

A "we do it for you" training option where you drop off your dog for the day.  

Private Coaching Packages

Let us show you how to take what we teach your dog in our facility and reinforce it in your home.

Signature Series Classroom

Group classes are available for puppies

and adolescents.

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